Craigslist Orlando Car Find – Mercedes E63 AMG

This is it for you Mercedes enthusiasts. Up for sale right now on Craigslist Orlando is a pretty rare Mercedes E63 AMG. Now, I want you to know something when you look at the picture above, this is no ordinary Mercedes (as if Mercedes are ordinary) this beast pictured here has a whopping 518 horse power packed into its 6.3 liter engine modified by AMG.

This car is such a beast, a salesman where I live has tried to talk me out of buying one from my local dealer. He is actually scared of the car because it has so much power.

The reason this particular car is so rare is because it is the last year, from 2009, of this specific design and is black. Starting in the 2010 model year, with the Mercedes E series, they went to a more squared off design instead of the classic, rounder design. I like the 2009 model year much better.

Although, this is a seriously fast car, I think it tops out a 185 mph, it doesn’t fit my criteria for a 200 mph drive I have on the bucket list.

You can check out more details on this nearly one of a kind Mercedes by clicking the Craigslist Orlando link above. It is being sold by a dealer and they are asking $46,999 for it. It has 444,349 miles.As with any ad on Craigslist, it may go down at any time, so by the time you click the link above it could be gone, so check it out quickly.

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