Craigslist Orlando Real Estate Prices

What’s the best place in Orlando Florida to look for real estate and the prices you have to pay for a house today? Would it be the MLS, or your local real estate agent, or maybe in the newspaper, or what about driving around to a bunch of restaurants and hotels and picking up all of those magazines that feature homes for sale, would that work? The number one place these days if you live in central Florida to check out is the online classifieds at

Check out Craigslist Orlando real estate prices to get an overall feel of the market in this area. For instance, just today, January 15th, 2012 there are more than 350 new ads posted in the Orlando real estate for sale section. And remember, these are just today’s postings and if you go back a week or so, there are hundreds and hundred of condos and homes listed for sale.

The prices range from $35,000 for a home listed near the beach in New Smyrna Beach (a 1 bedroom 1 bath getaway) to a home in Windermere listed for $5.6 million that features 6 bedrooms and 10, yes count that, 10 bathrooms with a square foot living area that exceeds 11,000 square feet. And the list of amenities is about a mile long and includes such luxuries as a wet bar and professional appliances in the kitchen.

Craigslist Orlando

Once in a while you can also find a log home listed for sale in the Craigs List classifieds. Most of the time, places like Gatlinburg Tennessee are the best places to find log homes, but every now and then someone builds one in Florida and you can check out the log home listed here for $310,000. Of course by the time you click to go to this ad it may be gone. But, there will always be more log homes for sale in the future.

So, whatever you need as far as real estate in the Central Florida area no matter what your budget is or what kind of a home you are looking for, you can find it on Craigslist. And Craigslist Orlando real estate prices will probably just continue to get better and better with the way the economy is doing these days. check it out because there are some great deals in housing to be found in today’s market.

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