Orlando Craigslist Deals

Shopping on Craigslist can be lots of fun and can even be somewhat like going to a virtual garage sale. You can find plenty of Orlando Craigslist deals just by spending a little time in the for sale section of the site where you will find more than 30 sections of stuff that people are selling. Like I mentioned earlier, if you like going to garage sales in and around your neighborhood, you should love shopping in the merchandise section of the world’s larges classifieds site.

Let’s just look at the the antiques section and see what we can find.  A quick look for today (at the time of this post) and we see lots of furniture and art objects such as paintings and stained glass windows. There are also a lot of collectible items such as vases and laps as well, but by far the biggest thing you will see in the Orlando Craigslist Antiques section is furniture. Believe me, it is abundant.

The best thing to do when shopping on CL, especially in the for sale section, is once you get to the individual category, go to the top right side of your browser and click on where it says show images and that way you get to see a little thumbnail image of the items there (for those that have been smart enough to include an image in their ad) and when you hover your mouse over the thumbnail it gets bigger. Again, furniture is the most abundant item in the for sale section and you will find nice desks, antique chairs, beds, mirrors and more. In fact, right now there is a beautiful antique tea cart up that I’m sure my wife would love to check out.

One of the nice things about shopping for and buying antiques on Craigslist is that you never know if you will find that incredible bargain that turns out to be a lost treasure. Many times people are just trying to get rid of stuff and they really don’t realize what they have and you may end up with something much more valuable that what you paid for it. Who knows, we may see you on the next Antiques Road Show with the highest priced find of the day.

Besides antiques there are all kinds of Orlando Craigslist deals that you don’t want to miss in the for sale section. And being that Orlando is such a big city with lots of people, that means there are lots of ads and great things to choose from. It really is like shopping at a garage sale online. Check it out and see if you can find your next bargain in the classifieds.

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